DYNAMIC Pain & Wellness is a multidisciplinary medical practice striving to bring those in pain to professionals who care. We focus on treatment with compassion and respect towards both the physical and emotional aspects of pain.


The vision of DYNAMIC Pain & Wellness is to provide pain therapies in one location that focuses on respect and compassion for each individual patient. Our staff provides a welcoming environment without the stigma of a typical pain management clinic. Customer service is a priority.

All patients and their families will know that each member of our staff cares. We understand that pain is not only physical, but it an emotional experience. Our highly skilled clinical staff will utilize cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimum physical well-being.

The “Wellness” in our name refers to our unwavering desire to improve quality of life and managing your pain. We are DYNAMIC because we offer constant progress towards wellness and a plethora of treatment options.


Quality, state-of-the-art healthcare with a focus on customer service is what you will find. Our experienced and compassionate clinicians and staff are focused on the needs of the patient. You will leave knowing you are cared for and important to us.


At DYNAMIC Pain & Wellness we realize that oftentimes narcotics play an essential role in achieving freedom from pain. We do not focus on these medications as a primary treatment, but we believe in using them as part of our treatment plans. Sometimes there is concern about these medication that can cause hesitation on the part of a patient who may benefit from them. Family members of patients often times worry about this as well.

These worries are erased at DYNAMIC Pain & Wellness. No matter the situation, you will rest easy knowing that your medications are being handled by professionals who understand these issues. Our goal is to optimize medication levels to provide the highest quality of life for every patient. Multiple treatment options under our roof enable us to provide the perfect balance between medication and a life free of pain. Decreasing narcotic and other pharmacological dependence as much as possible is an objective of DYNAMIC Pain & Wellness. At the same time, we understand the need for these medications and provide them safely and ethically. Our patients find that our dedication to responsible use of narcotics sets us apart from the competition.