If you’re one of the 20 million people in the United States who are limited by peripheral neuropathy pain, you can find nonsurgical treatment options at DYNAMIC Pain and Wellness. The board-certified pain management specialists offer comprehensive neuropathy care at their Florida and Alabama offices. You can find long-lasting pain relief without surgery or extended downtime with the minimally invasive procedures available on site. Call one of the 11 DYNAMIC Pain and Wellness offices in Panama City, Fort Walton Beach, Tallahassee, Milton, Crestview, and Pensacola, Florida, and in Dothan, Daphne, and Mobile, Alabama, or book an appointment online today.

Neuropathy Q & A

What is neuropathy?

Neuropathy describes nerve damage. This condition affects your peripheral nervous system that provides sensations to all areas of your body outside of your brain and spinal cord. 

Trauma and underlying conditions, like uncontrolled diabetes, can cause damage to your nerves. 

Other causes of neuropathy include:

  • Tumors
  • Infections
  • Thyroid disease
  • Kidney disease 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

When you have damage to your nerves, it can result in a variety of symptoms that interfere with your physical function and ability to be physically active. Neuropathy can also cause persistent pain. 

What are the symptoms of neuropathy?

The symptoms of neuropathy depend on which of your peripheral nerves have been damaged. Common examples of neuropathy-related symptoms include:

Sensory nerve damage

Your sensory nerves provide sensations to your body. Damage to these nerves can cause increased sensitivity to touch, throbbing or sharp pain, or numbness and tingling in your arms, hands, legs, and feet.

Motor nerve damage

The motor nerves are responsible for controlling your muscle movements. Damage to your motor nerves can lead to a lack of coordination and persistent muscle weakness. 

Autonomic nerve damage

Autonomic nerves control unconscious functions like blood pressure, body temperature, and bladder and bowel function. Damage to these nerves can cause heat intolerance, sudden changes in your blood pressure, and digestive issues. 

How is neuropathy treated?

The treatment for neuropathy typically involves medications to relieve pain and inflammation. You may need prescription-strength medications to keep you physically active. The team at DYNAMIC Pain and Wellness also provides narcotic monitoring services to ensure you’re using medications correctly and not becoming dependent. 

You may also benefit from regenerative medicine therapies, like stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, to heal your nerves and slow the progression of your condition. These substances are found naturally in your body and contain growth factors that stimulate your body to produce new cells to replace damaged ones. 

Stem cells have the unique ability to regenerate into new nerve cells to repair nerve damage from the inside out.

To find out which treatment is right for your neuropathy pain, call the DYNAMIC Pain and Wellness office nearest you or book an appointment online today.



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