Post-Operative Pain

Would you be surprised to learn that postoperative pain is not well-managed in 80% of patients? When you connect with the specialists at DYNAMIC Pain and Wellness before your surgery, they can work with you and your surgeon to develop a plan that supports your healing by adequately relieving your pain. You can schedule an appointment online or call one of the 11 offices across two states: Fort Walton Beach, Milton, Crestview, Pensacola, Panama City, and Tallahassee, Florida, and Mobile, Daphne, and Dothan, Alabama.

Post-Operative Pain Q & A

Why is it important to treat postoperative pain?

Though there’s no doubt you’ll experience postoperative pain, it’s impossible to predict the extent of your pain because each person has a different level of sensitivity and tolerance. But this is certain: you will have pain, and it needs to be treated properly.

The most important reason to treat postoperative pain is to ensure your comfort. But treating the pain also improves your overall health and recovery.

In addition to affecting your ability to function, poorly controlled postoperative pain is associated with a prolonged recovery and needing to use opioids for a longer time. Additionally, ongoing acute postoperative pain increases your risk of developing chronic pain.

Can my postoperative pain become chronic?

Postoperative pain is considered to be chronic pain, or persistent postsurgical pain, if it lasts several months and all other possible causes for the pain have been ruled out.

During surgery, cellular changes, inflammation, and nerve damage occur that can lead to chronic postoperative pain. Your nervous system also changes when your postoperative pain lingers or isn’t treated properly. As a result, your nerves become hypersensitive, and you’re more likely to develop chronic pain.

Factors that may increase your risk of chronic postoperative pain include:

  • Pain before your surgery
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Having open surgery
  • Having surgery that lasts longer than three hours
  • Severe postoperative pain

Don’t ever think that you need to push through postoperative pain. If your medications fail to control your pain in the first day or two after surgery, call DYNAMIC Pain and Wellness for help.

How do interventional specialists relieve my postoperative pain?

The team at DYNAMIC Pain and Wellness specializes in pain management, including prescribing opioids and other potent medications. They carefully monitor how well your medication works and make adjustments to improve your pain relief when necessary. They also take steps to prevent opioid addiction.

If medications don’t give you enough relief, your provider may recommend an interventional treatment to stop pain signals from reaching your brain. They may also use interventional treatment together with your medications.

If you know you will need surgery, you can prepare by consulting with a doctor at DYNAMIC Pain and Wellness ahead of time. They can teach you about what to expect after your surgery and talk with you about your medication options.

To get help with postoperative pain, call DYNAMIC Pain and Wellness or schedule an appointment online.



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